Quickly and Easily Capture and Identify Individuals with

Imageware's Law Enforcement Solution



Automated biometric and biographic capture on a new, modern interface available on any device from anywhere.



Easily identify a person with their biometrics and/or biographic information, accessing their entire criminal history, in seconds period



Our biometric authenticator provides a seamless, passwordless login experience to better protect civilian and officer data stored at your agency.

Why Imageware?

Trusted by law enforcement agencies for over 20 years,Imageware has your
back helping you protect and serve your community.

Imageware's Law Enforcement solutions help you spend less time on
administrative tasks and more time protecting your city and yourself.

  • Book a suspect quickly and easily from anywhere on any device
  • Identify suspects in the field and view their entire criminal record in seconds
  • Customize your inputs for your agencies needs
  • Secure your agencies officer and civilian data with our fully integrated,
    passwordless authentication solution
  • No hidden costs, ever!

Our Customer Testimonials

“Our previous solution took anywhere from 10-25 minutes to complete a booking, but with Imageware’s solution, we can book a suspect in just five minutes. This frees up valuable officer time and saves us money.”

- Arizona Police Department

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