Introducing Imageware's New Law Enforcement Platform
Duration - 45 Minutes
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Our Speakers:

Profile picture of AJ NADDEL
SVP, Product Management and Sales, Imageware
Profile picture of AJ NADDEL
Product Manager, Imageware
Profile picture of AJ NADDEL
Svetla Iovtcheva
Senior Software Engineer

In this webinar, we will present Imageware’s new Law Enforcement solution built with an intuitive user interface, a Cloud-based deployment option to access it from a police car, a tablet in the field, or in a station, and pre-integrated with passwordless biometric login security.

In this webinar, we discuss:

Why Imageware built this new solution

The Law Enforcement platform components: Capture, Identify, and Authenticate

Benefits of the new features

Demo of the new solution

What else is coming